Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to build trust in business relationships

I read a great piece from Benjamin Ellis recently entitled 'On-line Trust, More than Liking'. It's well worth a read if you have time. The issue of building trust is vital in both online and offline networking and some of the advice contained is excellent:

* Be open and transparent.
* Be predictable and consistent.
* Be visibly accountable.

A few years back we conducted some research into the importance of developing trust in business relationships as part of networking. The article 'Have you unlocked the benefits of business networking?' includes a link to the full findings.

Building a trusted business relationship in a networking context is a simple process:
1. Make contact
2. Follow up
3. Form relationships
4. Develop Advocates

Like many simple things that does not mean it is easy!

I will highlight some of the ways you can build trust at each stage of the process over the next few posts.

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