Friday, December 21, 2007

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Networking or Selling?

A couple of weeks back a contact said to me "I really need to be networking with Companies with more than 250 employees."

We explored this a little more & established that her target market includes companies with more than 250 employees. She is selling into those companies not networking with them. The C level executives of those businesses network with their peers. As an independent professional providing service to those businesses it is important to build a network with other professionals with complimentary products and services in that space. It is those trusted relationships that are the route to market.

If you are looking for business today from the people you meet that is selling. Successful networking builds your business for tomorrow.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Does your network sell for you?

I was interviewed last night by Richard White of The Accidental Salesman on the theme, "Does your network to sell for you?".

This was done as a live webcast and will be available as a download to members of Richard's Accidental Salesman Club.

We spoke about some of the mistakes that people make when networking and I shared the NRG four stage model of going from first meeting someone to have them become an advocate:
1. Make contact
2. Follow up
3. Build relationship
4. Develop advocacy

Read the full article at this link, "Does your network sell for you?".

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
Get 7 networking secrets for business success