Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A great way of adding value to your network

The seminar before a recent NRG-networks Lunch in the City of London was presented by Mark Lee, Chairman of the Tax Advice Network, on 'How to Build Profitable Relationships with Accountants'. He explained what matters to accountants, how they work, and why they reject so many of the approaches they receive from third party service providers.

All of the things he said were great advice for building business relationships in general.

He told a great story about someone from a financial services provider when he had been an accountant in practice. This person had taken all the information they had on file from various sources and had organised it into a 'Lever Arch' file so that they could see where they were at any time. Including any gaps in their knowledge, where things were out of date and opportunities for new services.

Who do you think was referred when the opportunity arose?

Can you think of ways of adding value so you are the first person that comes to mind for an appropriate opportunity?

Good Networking
Dave Clarke
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