Sunday, December 6, 2009

About InCouraged- Because Courage is Contagious

Who is Megan? Honestly, I don't have a clue. But Megan encouraged me today with a blog post.

Her blog is called InCouraged. The sub caption is..."Because Courage Is Contagious".

Megan shares a series of five posts this month that I have really enjoyed:
Dec. 1 - Being A Better Decider
Dec. 2 - Liberating Your Emotional Real Estate
Dec. 3 - Rounding Out Your Inner Circle
Dec. 4 - Adding Structure to Gain Freedom
Dec. 5 - An Open Letter to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are considering becoming a baby boomer entrepreneur, I encourage you to check out InCouraged.

On her blog, Megan talks about an epiphany she had one day in the shower. She shares the story behind the birth of the blog. Let me just share with you this part of the story:

So why are we doing this? Because it takes courage to look fear in the face, embrace it, learn from it and convert it into a positive force that only you can create. And in this day and age, we need more of it. A lot more.

I hope you will be encouraged by InCouraged. Let's prove that Megan is right...that Courage Is Contagious.

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