Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can you accelerate trust?

At a recent event someone posed the question "what can we do to accelerate the building of trust within the group?" It's a good question as successful networking relies on the building of trust. I think there are some essential ingredients for building trust in a group including leadership and facilitation. The members must also 'buy in' to the process and be proactive.

A few years back we conducted some research into the importance of developing trust in business relationships as part of networking. The article 'Have you unlocked the benefits of business networking?' includes a link to the full findings. It includes a breakdown of the trust building process in business networking. If you are proactive and follow this you can accelerate the building of trust, particularly if you join the right networking group for you.

As I wrote in 'How to build trust in business relationships':

Building a trusted business relationship in a networking context is a simple process:
1. Make contact
2. Follow up
3. Form relationships
4. Develop Advocates

Like many simple things that does not mean it is easy!

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