Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook proved faster than the Police!

One of my wife's sisters is visiting the UK from the US currently. On Sunday her friends & family back home were trying to contact her urgently as her husband was in hospital after being in a bad car accident. He was the only person with her phone number and was in no state to be able to give it to anyone.

About 7 in the evening UK time my daughter spotted something had happened on her cousin's facebook status. One of my Sister-in-Law's neighbours had also sent me a direct message after finding me amongst her Facebook contacts. I phoned my Sister-in-Law who was then able to phone another neighbour back home to get the full picture.

A few hours later the local UK police knocked at her parents house with a message that she needed to get in contact with people back in the US. The information travelled by Facebook much quicker than it took the police. The Police performance was still pretty impressive too given the limited information they had to work on - surname + town.

Is this relevant to how useful Social Networks & Social Media can be for you?

I think it's a powerful illustration of a revolution in communications. How many important conversations are you missing if you are not online?

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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