Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dominating your niche online

Chris Bose presented an excellent seminar before the NRG Business Networking Lunch in London this week. Chris explained that if you work out a niche for your business you can get relevant traffic to your web pages from searches rather than just any old traffic. People are searching for solutions to their real problems rather than your actual service. If you address your web pages to these issues in the area you operate then you can attract the people looking for the answers you provide. You can then work on converting those into real interest in your services and make real sales.

He explained how to work out your niche by thinking about what people really buy from you and why they buy. You can also calculate when, where and how they do this. With this you can work out who your potential customers are and address your web pages to them and the issues you solve for them. If you have multiple markets then approach each niche separately.

There were a lot of lessons during his talk for successful offline networking. People often introduce themselves and what they do without sharing what they are looking for and how to spot an opportunity for them. Next time you are planning your introduction at a Networking Event think about who the people you meet are likely to know. What are the problems those people have that you provide a solution to? Concentrate on telling people about the issues you work on together with those likely to have these issues and where. Share the symptons that people can look out for to get you an introduction.

If you need some help with this then ask some of your customers what they really buy from you and why.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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