Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs, What Are The Behaviors of Successful Business Owners?

Would you like to know the three issues that every business owner must deal with regardless of the size of the business?

Would you like to learn a three step process to successfully address those issues?

Do you know why you must evaluate your success based upon the success of the people you hire?

Do you know why beginning with the One Page Business Plan can be the foundation of your success?

If those are interesting to you, you want to watch Ron Finklestein's video, Behaviors of Successful Business Owners. Ron is a business coach. He is also an expert author. This site is promoted as the Internet's #1 resource for small Business motivation and strategies.

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of all ages, five minutes invested in this video could give you the leg up to success that you are seeking.