Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How do you get business when nobody is buying?

I met someone recently who said "The trouble with networking groups is everyone is selling, but nobody is buying". We discussed this a little further and he had been attending 'networking' meetings that were billed as 'the opportunity to find your next client'. Promotion for the meetings described typical attendees as 'decision makers'. In that context he was right as the wrong expectation had been set for people like him. Everyone was trying to sell to each other!

A couple of other people had joined the conversation by this stage. One said "I get all of my business from networking, but I don't sell. Nobody likes being sold to so I build trusted relationships with people that can refer me to their contacts".

She was right and had highlighted the big difference between selling and networking.

Selling is when you are engaged in direct activity with your target market.

Networking is when you are building relationships with others who can introduce & refer you into your target market.

So if you are looking for business directly from the people you meet that is selling. Successful networking builds regular business for the future.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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