Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur - Shouldn't You Know The Top 10 Dying Industries?

Top 10 Dying Industries - Real Time Economics - WSJ

As an aspiring baby boomer entrepreneur you look forward to the exciting and new opportunity before you. But are you taking time to look around you to see what is crumbling and how it may impact your plans?

This Wall Street Journal Article shares information about the top 10 dying industries around us. Does you business idea sell to, use products of, or depend upon people who work in these industries? If so, you need to know what the future of these industries will be.

In the big picture sense, the point of this article is that everything is changing around us. A few weeks ago, I drove through a community where I had once owned a small restaurant It has been 25 years since the business closed. I was amazed to see how the community had changed. I wondered what that change would have done to the restaurant if it had continued to operate. I saw corners with vacant lots where thriving businesses had once operated. I wondered ...

So as you make your plans for your business, what assumptions are you making. Do you expect the world to stand still except for the improvements your business will bring to the market? Think and think again!