Sunday, June 5, 2011

You Are Probably Not A Natural Born Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

Should being a baby boomer entrepreneur be your encore career goal? Are you a natural born entrepreneur? Should owning your own business be the next step for you?

Many people feel that they have what it takes to be a baby boomer entrepreneur. YOU might be convinced that it is the logical next step because YOUR goals might be:
  • To have more freedom in general in semi-retirement,
  • To have better financial control over your life,
  • To have greater control over how you use your time,
  • To have more control over your intellectual or creative life.
All of these are great goals. But they don't require becoming a baby boomer entrepreneur. Plus becoming an entrepreneur has around a 90% failure rate. You are probably not a natural born baby boomer entrepreneur. You might want to explore your alternatives to accomplishing such goals.

My first suggestion to you is visiting the creators of the above video, They will show you how to think about "combining purpose, passion, and a paycheck". However, they will show you alternatives, including the possibility of becoming a baby boomer entrepreneur.
  1. If you determine becoming an entrepreneur is still your goal,
  2. If you decide that you are committed to developing a business that aligns with your needs, values, and beliefs,
  3. If you decide owning a business is what you want, not what someone else wants for you,
You can accomplish what you want. But be sure what you are trying to accomplish IS what you want.


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